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Flat-fee, Success-Focused Criminal Law Specialists Who Get you Results.

Expert Criminal and Traffic Lawyers in Sydney

Zhai & Associates believes in putting the client first, fighting hard for your right to a fair trial, for your freedom, and doing everything possible to get you the best possible outcome.

We are an innovative and dynamic law firm of experienced, approachable, and hard-working Criminal Lawyers in Sydney. We combine the traditional values of integrity, trust, and fairness for all, with a passion for knowledge and the law.

We leave no stone unturned, and vigorously defending our clients’ in every matter we undertake. We focus on getting the best outcome possible, simply put, if we can win, we will win.

Expert Advice When You Need It The Most

The experienced Traffic Lawyers in Sydney and Criminal Solicitors Sydney Team provides you with expert advice and support every step of the way. Our genuine desire to do our best for our client, with an unwavering commitment to prove their innocence is at the centre of our deep-seated view that “the client’s interests come first, always” – not the clock or our hours, or even our own bills. We are committed to being there for you when you need us the most. We believe in your story, we believe in your innocence regardless of the circumstances, and we believe your voice should be heard. Not only that, your version of the events should be presented to the Court, professionally, succinctly, and accurately, as well as vigorously defended against any allegations or claims. We do this as your expert criminal law adviser, knowing everything about Criminal Law and Traffic Law in New South Wales, so you can move on with your life, free from worry, stress, and with those you hold dear and close. Not in a prison cell.

Fighting The Good Fight Every Single Day

Zhai and Associates is the chosen law firm for thousands of Australians to help them fight the good fight, regardless of how complex or difficult a case may be. We believe in giving people a second chance, and a “fair go” before the law.  We are passionate criminal defence lawyers in Sydney, ready to help everyday people overcome unfortunate circumstances. 

The team at Zhai and Associates are some of the best Criminal Lawyers in Sydney, providing practical, expert advice on all types of criminal law and traffic law matters in NSW, for everyday people and high-profile clients alike (visit our media page, and our reviews for more info).

Tech-Enabled Legal Services Delivering Best-Practice Case Management and Transparency 

In today’s ever-changing world, being at the forefront of innovation is key – as an agile, new-age criminal law firm in Sydney, we utilise a full suite of data-driven, case management solutions to track and monitor your matter in real-time. We ensure no stone is left unturned, no call or email left unanswered, and all your questions – legal, procedural, and personal – acknowledged and explained in plain-English.

Outcome-Focused, Not Dollar-Driven

Forget the overpriced, overcomplicated, overly legalistic approach to your court case – your first consultation is free. With capped-pricing and fixed-fee legal advice, we can provide our expertise as top criminal lawyers in Sydney to those in need.

We make expert legal advice straightforward, easy to understand and affordable. The true value of your freedom and your ability to enjoy life to its fullest without a criminal record or time in prison is priceless.

Whether you found us on Google searching for the “Best Criminal Lawyers in Sydney” or “Criminal Lawyers near me”, or we’re referred through to us by a friend, we are dedicated to fighting for your rights and your freedom, every step of the way.

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Our Core Values


Open, honest, and proactive with our legal advice. Ensuring two-way communication and a clear-cut understanding of what success in the legal arena means for your individual matter.


Fighting the good fight for you, your rights, and your freedom. Our knowledge is your strength, giving you the courage to stand up and face adversity with confidence.


Genuine respect, reliability, and professionalism to honour our commitments to you.

Meet The Team

Raymond Zhai

Principal Lawyer

About Ray

Tired of seeing the way other criminal lawyers interacted with their clients – from outrageous fees, missed deadlines, unanswered calls, and inexperienced juniors mishandling serious cases, Raymond (“Ray”) Zhai decided it was time to shake up the legal industry. As an up-and-coming criminal lawyer in Sydney working within the legal team of many high-profile cases in the media, he decided it was time to take a chance and founded Zhai and Associates.

Friendly, personable, and with an inherent drive and motivation to succeed, Ray is the Principal Solicitor and Managing Partner of Zhai and Associates. With a double-degree majoring in Psychology and Law, combined with his experience as a senior lawyer within a renowned criminal law practice in Sydney for over half a decade, Ray’s ability to connect with his clients, understand their circumstances, and present their version of events to the Courts with impact and candour make him a top criminal lawyer in Sydney.

Ray is a people-person who strives for the best possible outcome for every single one of his clients. With the mindset of, “There is always a solution to every problem, no matter how unsolvable it may appear”, Ray will fight hard for your rights and for your freedom, guiding you every step of the way.

Australian-born with Chinese parents, Ray understands the intricacies of both Eastern and Western culture to bridge any communication and culture gap between his clients and the Courts.

Ray speaks fluent English, Chinese (Mandarin) and Spanish.



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